How to quit biting your nails

Biting your nails is definitely one very bad habit and it is very difficult to get rid off. Most often we do it in intense situations or out of boredom and the worst is that is done unconsciously and it is difficult to control. Nail biting leads to a break in the top of the nail, as a result of which women having this problem may not be able to have beautiful nails.
Do you bite your nails? Find out how to break this unpleasant habit.


❀Use nail polish against nail biting
Nail polish protection against biting nails helps against the habit. You can use a transparent nail or a bitter nail polish- it is medical, not cosmetic, so look for in pharmacies. Whenever you try to bite your nails you will be unpleasant surprised when you taste the bitter flavor and soon you will quit putting your nails into your mouth.


❀Keep your nails regularly trimmed in a beauty salon
This is one of the surest ways that will stop you from biting your nails. Seeing your nails beautiful and perfectly shaped will motivate you to not spoiling their vision. The contrast between bitten nails and nails, that have been done by professional is quite large. In addition, if you gave money for a manicure you do not want to spoil them so quickly and unreasonable.


❀Cut them short
Try to keep your nails trimmed short. This technique will eventually prevent you from biting your nails.


❀Most importantly – be patient
The period for quitting the habit of nail biting is different and depends on which method you choose, but you should know that the sooner you deal with nail-biting, the better.
It is best to try all the ideas simultaneously, and you will have success only when you have the will to deal with the problem.



❀If nothing helps – wear gloves
We know that sounds silly but wearing gloves may actually help you with your nail-biting addiction.
It is true that it will be uncomfortable, but the beauty requires sacrifice. You can wear them only at home – it is a good start. Before putting them, rub your hands with hand cream or coconut oil, this way you will not only prevent yourself from your nasty habit but you will get soft and smooth skin as well.


The first few days will be difficult to keep your hands away from your mouth. You have to constantly remind yourself that you will no longer bite your nails. Tell this to yourself quietly out loud or silently, but it is important to continually repeat it. Soon you will get used to it and will forget about this negative habit.

Are you a nail biter yourself? Share your experience in the comments below!


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