Korean skin care tips

Traditional skin care in Korea is a precise, multi-step process that has always evoked interest in the rest of the world. The Koreans are very serious about taking care of their skin.

They know what they want from a cosmetic product, read the label and are interested in the effects on the product itself and also in the input ingredients it contained. In Korea, users are very demanding to everything they put on their skin and have high expectations of even the cheapest products, which are constantly seeking the best ratio between quality and price.

Flawless skin, without wrinkles on the face, graceful figure, shiny hair – dream idea of the beauty of Asian women is no different from that of Europe. They achieve perfection by drawing on the tradition, but also modern techniques in cosmetology.
What are the secrets of a beautiful skin of the Korean girls? Look at the following lines.


1. Proper cleaning
The best guarantee for a good skin that we often ignore is so simple as basic as making sure that you have removed all the makeup and dirt that you have had on your face during the day. Proper cleaning can take about 10 minutes until you are sure that you have removed the last drop of makeup. Even if you use a good and gentle skin cleansing lotion, add toner and moisturizing product to the washing process. This step is an absolute must to your beauty routine, so please don’t skip it.


2. SPF sun protection
When it comes to beauty care, Asian women appreciate the latest hi-tech achievements in cosmetology and aesthetic procedures in medicine, just as much as the natural ingredients and rituals such as green tea or massage, for example, used for centuries in beauty care in these cultures. Both women and men in South Korea believe in sunscreen mandatory product and never go out without applying SPF lotions and face creams to the exposed parts of the body. Best sunscreens contain physical or chemical sunscreen filters against UVA, and against UVB-rays. For them, beautiful skin is skin that has no signs of sunburn and skin was pale as an ideal of beauty, hence the different types of creams and masks for skin whitening are highly sought after.


3.Facial muscles exercises
Strange right? Some Korean celebrities say that every day 10 minutes fulfill one kind of exercise, repeating “Ma Me My Mo Moo.” This helps to tone muscles of his cheeks. Try it and enjoy a good laugh after that!


4.Green Tea
Another Cosmetic hit produced in Asia is the green tea.
For centuries and to this day it is considered as a source of health and youth.
Its remarkable properties are applied in cosmetology, mainly thanks to polyphenols.
These compounds possess antioxidant properties (remove free radicals), which also act more potent than vitamins C and E. As a result of the use of cosmetics containing antioxidants connective tissue of the skin and blood vessels become stronger and the skin is better protected from UV radiation. This is why the green tea extract can often be used in preparations intended to combat aging. It is also for young skin, helping to reduce excess production of sebum responsible for oily skin. Green tea is also applicable in anti-cellulite cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners, and thanks to the nice scent – in body lotions and perfumes. Home method for beautiful hair of Chinese women, for example, rinse the hair with a cooked mixture of two cups of green tea and a dozen drops of rosemary oil.


5.Clap your face
Perhaps this sounds strange, but in Korea, it is extremely popular technique.
Following the same logic as in facial massage, the Korean clap their faces about 50 times, once they are completed with the everyday beauty treatments. Thus enhance blood circulation and strengthen facial muscles. The stronger clapping, the better, but then, of course, it should not be painful at all so try not to hurt yourself!


6. Make rice water
The Korean centuries wash their faces with rice water because of its many advantages.
It is a natural moisturizer that slows down aging, reduces dark circles under the eyes and pigment spots, lightens skin. Soak the rice for 10-15 minutes, strain and use the rice water as a milky liquid tonic.
It does magic!


7. Add ginseng to your diet
Ginseng is a trademark of Korean beauty for a long time and the market is flooded with products containing ginseng. Ginseng has not only for facial and cosmetical use because of its anti-aging properties, but also as part of the Korean cuisine. It helps detoxify, displays toxins from the body and it is full of antioxidants.


8. Slime of snails
Cosmetics with extract mucus from snails is very popular in South Korea for many years.
Almost every brand offers at least one product with that magic ingredient.
In recent years this trend conquered the USA and Europe too.
From the components contained in a snail, mucus becomes sufficiently clear that it is an extremely strong skin moisturizer. But it definitely has the potential to do much more for our skin! Studies have shown that a snail mucin is a great tool not only for the treatment of skin problems such as acne, enlarged pores, and spots but also prevents skin aging and has curative properties in coping with various skin irritations. It is an active ingredient for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products with antioxidant, protective, antimicrobial and restorative action. Stimulates the formation of elastin and collagen, reduces the risk of developing photoallergic dermatitis. It protects the skin from aging, restores elasticity and reduces the wrinkles.


Do you beauties follow any of this step? What is your experience with the Korean beauty and skin care routine?
Please share it with us in the comments below!

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