5 mistakes you are doing with your flat iron

We all make mistakes we never realized we were making when straightening our hair.
Salons are often too expensive and time-consuming. That way we often prefer to make our own hairstyle without
leaving the house and in less than 10 Minutes. If you are a straight hair lover and use a flat iron every day, you
definitely need to protect your hair and prepare it for the hot surfaces of the flat iron.
Here are 5 most common blunder we are making while straightening our hair. Skip them to avoid any damage and
keep your hair healthy.

1. Not Cleaning Your Flat Iron

Have you ever cleaned your flat iron? Using so many hair products such as conditioner, heat protection, styling products,
and oils, we are all in love with the coconut oil, can leave a build-up on the heat plate of flat irons.
This buildup can cause uneven heating and incomplete straightening and also can damage your hair and cause split ends.
You can buy flat iron cleaner, but honestly, it would be much easier and cheaper if you do it yourself.
Heat the iron and then unplug it. Let it cool for a while, it should be warm and not toо hot. Then take some towel
with warm water and gently rub the surfaces. This will help remove a lot of the hairstyling product from the flatiron.
Use a cotton swab if you need to remove build-ups more precisely. That all you need to do and yes it is that simple.


2. You forget to pre-treat your hair.

After you make sure your flat iron is clean and ready to go, take care of your hair protection.
The iron can reach up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. High temperature destroys vital proteins in your hair, as well as deplete your hair’s natural oils and doing massive damage to your strands.
It is really important to apply heat protection spray, serum or cream, any sort of heat protectant that you have will provide the needed protection for your hair. Spread it evenly on your hair before starting the straightening.
There are so many products on the market so just read the label and pick the right for you.


3. You select the highest possible heat setting

Most professional flat irons feature temperature control.
The flat iron goes easily to 450 degrees, but that doesn’t mean it is the right temperature.
Researchers claim that 365°F/185°C is the perfect temperature for your flat iron.
That temperature will help your hair retain moisture and become more shapable.
Setting your flat iron to 365°F will allow you to make the most styling benefits in just fewer moves.
Setting the flat iron at too low temperature is not recommended, either, because you need to go over your hair again and again and again.

4. Not selecting your hair in small pieces

Don’t just grab randomly parts of your hair. Clipping your blow dried hair into manageable sections will make it so much easier for you to style your hair. This way the iron will be able to get to pieces that are too thin and straightening your hair perfectly.
It is better to select smaller sections. Separate your hair into 3-4 sections and you can simply track your progress.
To maintain some volume, don’t straighten your hair directly from the roots and start half-an-inch down.


5. Straightening wet hair

That’s one of the biggest mistakes you can possibly do to your hair while using a flat iron.
You absolutely have to allow your hair to dry completely before using a flat iron.
If you try to style your hair with flat iron while it is still wet, will lead to serious damage.
You will literally boil your hair from outside.
This is the ultimate hair damage causing brittleness and split ends, making your hair vulnerable to more breakage.


Skip those common mistakes and avoid hair damage and safely get straight, sleek hair without causing any further damage. Share your tips how to get faster straight hair without costing any harm to it.

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