How to make your perfume last longer

Perfume is one of the most underrated but extremely important beauty details about a woman. The fragrances can create in us sweet memories and take us back to pleasant experiences, stories and remind us of the people we associate with this scent. Wonderful, right? But the biggest problem with the perfume is that the scent is sometimes too fleeting.
Nobody wants the fragrance to disappear after just a few hours or even a few minutes! That is why we want to share with you some useful and easy tips on how to keep your perfume last longer and make the fragrance more stronger.


1.Spray your perfume after shower
The best time to put on perfume is after taking a shower. Otherwise on the pores of the skin has a layer of dust and dirt, which in any case should not be covered with any cosmetics.
Furthermore, moist skin will absorb the pleasant aroma to the maximum, which increases its durability.


2.Spray your perfume directly onto your skin
Do not apply perfume, on your clothes instead spray it directly on your body. So the smell will be more stable and you will reduce the risk of damaging the tissues.


3.Keep your perfume away from warm places
To preserve the flavor for a long time, do not keep it in moist and warm places. Heat, light, and moisture are ruining its quality and make it permanent. Instead, arrange them away from windows, dry place where no direct sunlight penetrates. So the bathroom is definitely not the right place to sort your perfumes.


4.Apply moisturizer onto your skin
Always Moisturize your skin well.
The aroma is not as durable when our skin is dry. So be sure to use body lotion or other product for hydration before sprinkle with your favorite fragrance.


5.Apply perfume to warmer areas of your body.
Target pulse points on your body to spray your perfume.
The heat will help the scent to spread throughout the body.
The best zones of the body to spray your perfume are: behind the ears, neck, chest, wrists, elbows and behind your knees. In these sections, the skin has the highest temperature, which means that the smell will be distributed for a long time.


6. Don’t rub your wrist
This is definitely not going to make your aroma last longer, it is more likely to break up the fragrance and make it fade more quickly.


7. Be careful with your jewelry
Be careful with your jewelry because, in contact with the metal, your perfume can enter into chemical reaction with the essential oils in it. As a result, the jewelry can change their appearance and begin to irritate the skin.


Bonus Tip
Spray sheet of paper with your favorite scent and place them between the clothes in the closet to make the smell really nice before you put them on.


Do you have troubles with your perfume’s lasting durability? Have you tried any of this tips before?
Please share your experience in the comments below!

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