How to choose the right foundation for your skin tone

Why is it so difficult to find the right foundation shade for your skin tone
and what you need to know in order to avoid spending your money in vain?
Picking the right foundation shade is an essential part of your makeup.
Foundation creates the illusion of a flawless complexion.
Here are some tricks for you to keep in mind next time you have to buy a new foundation:


1.An essential element when buying a proper foundation is determining the closest shade to your skin color.
Otherwise, you risk creating the effect of “mask” and destroy the overall appearance of your face.
Determinate whether you have light, medium or dark skin. This will make picking the right shade so much easier.


2.Make sure you know which color shade your skin undertone is.
You must determinate whether you have warm, cool, or neutral undertones.
We have three undertone categories:
Warm – yellow, peach, and golden.
Cool – red, pink, and blush.
Neutral – olive or a mix of those above.

If you tan easily that means that you have more melatonin in your skin and that means you have warm underskin tone.
If you burn more easily than you are cool toned. Also, check your veins to figure out which skin undertone are you.
Bluish-purple means you’re cool toned. Green veins mean warm-toned. If you’re not sure and your veins look bluish-green, you may be neutral.


3.Test the product first.
You should always test or at least see in person the foundation or any other makeup you want to buy.
Purchasing makeup online may often lead us into buying something, which can leave us with wrong expectations.
Online shopping for such products is only possible when we have used the brand and know the exact number of color that we need.
If you are not sure, the best solution is to walk to the nearest shop where you can test the testers and various colors.


4.See how the foundation shade looks on daylight
After you have applied the foundation tester onto your skin, exit the store and see how the color looks in daylight –
the lights in stores are a different light, which can influence your decision in the wrong direction.
If you have an opportunity, ask your friend to accompany you and to give you objective advice.
Several points are always better than one.


5.Consider the texture and ingredients of your skin type.
Currently, the market offers so many brands and types of foundation that have a different composition.
If you have oily skin, look for one that is less moisturizing properties, and if you dry – the opposite.
Pay attention to sun protection factor – it is important to have it, regardless of the season.


Have you found the perfect foundation for your skin tone? Let us know how you achieve it in the comments below!

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