How to Apply Mascara like a Pro

How to put on a mascara like a pro

The long, voluminous and gorgeous eyelashes are desired by every woman and a real temptation for every man. Many of us think that applying mascara is easy breezy and you don’t need to know any special techniques.
Unfortunately, that is not the case and although mascara is known to be one of the makeup basic you do need to spend some time on your lashes in order to achieve the butterfly effect. If you want to have seductive eyelashes you must devote time, attention when you are applying your mascara. So girls, the ability to achieve them with the help of mascara is one of the most important basic makeup skills that you should have, so keep reading to find out how to properly apply your mascara like a pro!


1. Clean lashes
Many of us know the struggle with our laziness in the evening, and the desire to go to bed immediately and fall asleep without removing our makeup and yes we know that you have done it too! It doesn’t matter how tired you are, never go to sleep with your makeup on! Sleeping with mascara on may damage your lashes making them thinner and brittle. In the morning you just can’t put your mascara, when you haven’t removed the dried one and be sure that your lashes will look thin and miserable.


2. Pick the Mascara Bristle
When you are on your way for mascara shopping, always check the bristle of the mascara you have chosen.

There are always testers available or if not just ask for them. Round brushes twist and lift lashes. The proper application is made by the outermost to innermost lashes by sliding the brush from root to tip of lashes. Mascara comb separate the lashes really good from each other and making them look like sunshine rays around your eyes. Mascara brushes with rubber bristles aim to reach all eyelash hairs individually – even those that are difficult for an ordinary brush. If you need any help picking the right mascara brush you can always ask the makeup consultant.


3. Pick the right formula
There are two types of mascara waterproof and the regular non-waterproof mascara. If it is going to rain, you are going to the gym or you simply need your mascara to stay put all day, then pick the waterproof one! Just keep in mind that waterproof formulas are too difficult to remove and are not suitable for everyday use. There is many rubbing involved in removing this mascara and you will be able to wash it only with makeup remover. You can violate the integrity of the lashes and irritate the eyes. Put your waterproof mascara if you are going to a wedding and you know for sure that you will shed the occasional tear of emotion.


how to put on mascara like a pro
how to put on mascara like a pro

4. Curl Your Lashes
This step is not necessary but if you are going for longer lashes then please pick the eyelash curler and do it.

Do not be afraid to use this strange beauty device to curl the eyelashes. It can really make your eyes look bigger and sexier in just a couple of seconds. The key is to use the eyelash curler before applying your mascara, but not after that because you risk ruining your mascara completely. Carefully curl your lashes and hold for 5-7 seconds.


5. Make Zig Zag Movements

Probably the most important rule of gorgeous eyelashes is to apply the mascara using zig-zag movements. This way the product is distributed evenly along your lashes, avoiding them to stick together.
Pull the brush from the eyelash root and outwards towards the tops with small zigzag movements.
With that makeup technique, you will obtain an amazing volume and fuller eyelashes.


6. Apply second coat
The key to applying multiple coats of mascara is to never let one coat dry before applying the next.

Put a coat on and cover your lashes completely. Then work on the other eyelashes, then go back to the first eye and apply another coat. Applying wet mascara to already dry lashes will result in flaking and the clumpy spider lashes appearance.


7. Do not dip the brush more than ones into the mascara tube
Do not immerse the mascara wand in the tube repeatedly. One of the biggest mistakes all the women make when they put mascara on her is to repeatedly dip the brush into the vial. After dipping the brush once it takes the necessary amount of mascara. Hence by repeatedly dipping the brush it takes a larger amount of air that not only spoils the mascara faster and makes it dry quickly but also can stick your lashes and make them appear heavy and clumpy.


Bonus Tip:
How to keep your eyelashes from sticking together?
Nobody wants clumpy and limp lashes.
Make sure that your mascara isn’t dry and keep in mind its shelf life.
You have to throw it away after two to three months.
Furthermore, if you are not replacing your mascara regularly you may provoke eye infections.
If your mascara flakes, dries out, clumps, or smells bad, be sure that it’s time to toss it.


What is your favorite brand mascara? Which mascara wand do you prefer? Please share your experience in the comments below! Stay pretty!

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