How to Fill in Your Brows into defined clean natural looking brows

We all want a beautiful pair of arches and the good news is, that they are quite easy to create and even better, you can do it all on your own. There are some tips and tricks to help you create and maintain perfectly-shaped, beautiful brows in a matter of minutes.
You can transform your thin, shapeless and over-tweezed brows into a beautiful and impressive accent to your eyes, or add
definition or even fill in an empty spot. The possibilities are endless.


Start with applying moisturizer. Use any product you are familiar with.


Then simply brush your eyebrows, you can use an old mascara brush if you don’t have eyebrow one, it works just fine. Make sure your brows are groomed. Just go through and brush your brows into the shape you want them to be.


The next step is to finish defining the eyebrow and fill them in to add more definition to your face.
It doesn’t matter if you are brown, blond, black or red-haired the market is full of products and you will be able to easily find your shade.


Start to fill in your brows with your eyebrow pencil, or eyebrow gel. Trace along the natural bottom line of your brow or create one where you want it.


After your underline is ready, shape the top line of the brow. Then fill in the arch and make sure there aren’t any gaps.
Brush through your brows one more time. Apply a little bit of concealer underneath your brow to make your new shape pop.
Be precise with the last part as it’s vital to the flawless look of your brows.


And remember it is almost impossible to make them both look the same. The biggest mistake people are making with their
eyebrow makeup routine is trying to create symmetrical arches and continue adding more and more makeup to only make it worse.
Most importantly, don’t try to overdo. Try to follow the natural look of your eyebrows, and just enhance it. They are
an important part of your makeup and beauty routine, and help your eye makeup stand out even more.


How do you define your brows? Which products and techniques do you use? Please share your experience in the comments below!

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