Bad Habits That Are Aging You

Everyone wants to look young and beautiful, so we are constantly using different methods to keep us look fresh and younger. Makeup, plastic surgery, exercise, diet and other spells are just some of the tricks that help us to rejuvenate. The problem is that before you try to rejuvenate yourself with 10 years using a special facial cream you should get rid of some harmful habit first.
Take a look at this harmful habits that you have to get rid if you want to look younger without Botox or plastic surgery. Remember that it is never too late to start changing your life!

#. Rubbing Your Eyes
We are rubbing our eyes unconsciously, but it continues to be dangerous. First, our hands may not be clean and this can lead to inflammation. Second – we can produce the rupture of small blood vessels. If you feel itching or another discomfort, it is better to make a compress of chamomile tea and apply the cold tea bags on your eyes.
Remember that the skin around your eyes is one of the first areas on your face to show signs of aging.
Be careful when you remove your makeup and try to do it as gentle as possible.


#.Going to sleep with your makeup on
Sleeping with makeup destroys the skin and makes a person look older than it really is.
The fact is that most of the ladies are afraid that if they forget to remove their makeup, their skin will dry, will appear buds, and the lashes will be damaged from the dried mascara, however, many of them are still going to bed with makeup on. When we sleep our skin usually recovers, and makeup, especially foundation, hinder this process. It is true that the more you succumb to this error, the more you harm your skin, but even sleeping with makeup once can cause enough damage.

#. Smoking
There are many reasons why you should stop smoking. Of course, health is the most important, but young people often overlook the harm of smoking. The fact is that smoking damages a lot of health but it is also stealing our beauty.
Smoking causes blood vessels to narrow. It decreases the blood flow and the skin suffers from the lack of oxygen. Therefore, the skin loses its glow and appear unhealthy. Smoking induces the formation of free radicals in the skin. They damage collagen and that is the main reason which is causing wrinkles.

#.Not Getting Enough Quality Sleep
The good sleep is the best beauty treatment! This is perhaps one of the most harmful habits that plague much of the population. Dermatologists say that during sleep, the skin is restored, so you have to spend at least eight hours sleep. It is called beauty sleep for a reason!

#. Not Drinking Enough Water
Being hydrated at any time from your daily routine is important for the health of your body and the look of your skin. Water is life. Thanks to it our organism can optimally operate and to eliminate any harmful substances contained in the body, which make us look older prematurely. It is desirable to drink 8 glasses of water a day. If you do not like the taste of water, you can flavor it, for example with a little lemon juice – so it becomes fresh and delicious!


#.Lack of Exercise
Physical activity is the best remedy against aging, but many of us associate it only with weight loss. If you exercise only to lose a little weight, and then you rest a few months, you miss a lot of benefits for your health.
Perform exercises that you like – walking, cycling or dancing – at least 20-25 minutes a day. Maybe twice a day for 10 minutes. Try some Youtube videos or attend a yoga class near you!



#. Spending to much time in front of a monitor.
We understand fully that nowadays standing in front of the computer is inevitable, especially if your work requires it. But still, find a way every half hour to do a few minutes of rest. And most importantly – do not forget to blink!


#.Stress and tension
There is hardly anyone who is not aware that stress combined with poor diet and sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to the body. You need to relax from time to time, otherwise, rapid aging is inevitable.
Chronic stress causes serious damage to the cells, which in turn accelerates the aging process.
Our look is a reflection of how we feel, but to feel young, you have to be healthy and live a happy life. What could be better than that?

#. You are constantly on Low-fat diets
You should regularly consume foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids that keep our skin young, supple and smooth and prevent wrinkles. Low-fat diets deprive us of this important component, causing premature aging of the skin.


Do you apply any of this tips to your everyday beauty routine? What is your method for staying young and beautiful? Please share your experience in the comments below!

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