What is ceratin therapy

If you want soft, smooth and silky hair, the ingredient that you are looking for is keratin.
It adds the necessary texture to the hair and makes it look amazing.
When a person has dry and damaged hair, it is most likely due to the fact that there is a shortage of keratin.
Each hair is covered with keratin. When it’s quantity is enough, it does not allow the humidity of the hair to evaporate.
The dry and damaged hair becomes soft and straighten.


Keratin protects against sun damage as well as the harsh conditions of winter.
90% of hair is composed of keratin and depending on the ambient humidity it contents 5-10% of water.
The hair has minimal amounts of lipids, pigments, and minerals.


Keratin is a fibrous protein that gives strength and elasticity to the internal and external structure of the hair
To restore the shine and strength of your hair, it should be given appropriate therapy.


A keratin treatment can be done in beauty salons and you can do it also at home.
It uses proteins to smooth the outer layer of the hair and make the hair stronger and shinier.


The keratin therapy will restore the levels of this protein in the pulled or damaged hair.
Be sure that hair, nourished with the required amount of keratin, is ready to withstand the pressure of various stress and environmental factors.


However, if you overdo it with the thermal treatment of the hair the fibers tear and this protein is already soluble in water and can be very quickly washed away.


Keratin treatments made in the beauty salons include the application of a combination of keratin and formaldehyde on the hair,
attachment of the keratin to the hair with a hair iron and then they remove any excess of the product.


After the treatment, clients should not wash their hair for about 72 hours.
Then the customers should wash their hair with special shampoo or shampoo without sulfate to make the therapy lasts longer.


After Keratin Therapy people find their hair more shiny and stronger and it does not require so much blow drying,
curling or straightening as it uses to. The first keratin hair products contained formaldehyde and this was potentially dangerous to our health if the vapor was inhaled. Fortunately, this is not a problem these days, as the bulk of keratin hair products no longer contain formaldehyde. However, there is still a small fraction of these “original” products sold. For greater peace of mind,
always make sure that the product you buy is without formaldehyde.


If you perform the procedure in the salon, ask your stylists what products are they using.
If you have decided to make keratin procedure at home, you need to wash your hair with shampoo first to remove any possible residues of other products, conditioners, and your hair should not be oily. Your hair needs to be clean for the keratin to be able to penetrate the hair better and to allow the keratin to be absorbed therein for 72 Hours.


After washing your hair, keratin is applied to the hair while it is still slightly damp, then it is necessary to rub it with massaging movements and comb your hair with a comb to make sure that the product is evenly distributed.
Depending on the product the duration of action, and also the durability of the effect is different. Make sure to read the label couple of times if you need to, but be sure you are doing everything right.


On the other hand, if you just want to improve hair texture, without permanently straighten your hair,
you can always choose a shampoo or conditioner with keratin.


The best thing about keratin treatment is that you can forget about frizzy hair and you can walk out in the light rain or high humidity and be able to enjoy your beautiful straight and shiny hair.


Have you beauties tried keratin? Share your personal experience in the comments below.

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