5 Hair Myths

Women are especially careful about taking care of their hair because it is one of the reasons they feel more beautiful and attractive every day.
So often we are misled into believing in some myths about hair – see the five most popular of them.


1.Hair Mask should give immediate effect.
To see the true outcome of a hair product, you should use it regularly several times.
Otherwise, after the first application, you will see whether this mask is suitable for your hair type, but you can’t expect instant and miraculous effect from only one time.


2.You can repair split ends with a suitable product.
Unfortunately not. You could prevent your hair from breaking, but once the hair strand structure is broken
it can not be recovered. Some hair products may help you making them less visible, but the best thing to do is to cut them off and get a tried yourself with a new haircut.


3.Dandruff results from dry scalp
We are used to connecting the dry flakes with dry skin, but this is a common mistake.
In fact, the main reason for dandruff is an oily scalp.
Dandruff is caused by yeast species that develop on the sebum-rich area, such as your oily scalp.
It is a mistake to dilute hair washes in an attempt to reduce your dandruff. Just use an anti-dandruff shampoo.


4.Often trimming leads to faster hair growth
Many women think that if they visit more often their hairdresser their hair will grow faster.
This again is a myth, since hair grows from the roots, not from the ends.
To prevent your hair cuticle from splitting, you have to trim it regularly.
Regular trims might make your hair look healthier and shinier.


5.Wearing hats can cause hair loss
To cause hair loss, a hat literally has to stop the circulation of the hair follicles.
And this is impossible. Cases of folliculitis – infection caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi
that mown down hair follicle can cause hair loss, which may happen if you wear dirty hats.
But wearing a clean hat as an accessory is not a reason that may cause hair loss.


What is the biggest hair myth you have ever read? Please share with us your experiences in the comments below!

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