What does primer do

The market today is literally full of makeup products, which can make our life easier, but also make us wonder what beauty product do we need, which one to choose, what benefits does it have, is it the right pick for us and many other questions. Today one can easily fall into bewilderment among the huge assortment cosmetics. Many of you have heard about the makeup primer, but not everyone knows precisely what it is. Here are some tips and information on makeup primer that every woman need to know.


1. Using a makeup primer is not just a trend in the cosmetic industry. The primer creates a smooth, flat surface of the skin, smoothes fine lines and uneven skin tone and prepares ours for the application of foundation, bb cream or cc cream as you prefer.


2. As an ingredient in some primer is included microscopic light-reflecting particles that add a nice glow to the skin.
On pale skin tone is best to use substrates with pink pearl luster, while more tanned skin tone needs a warmer shade like golden peach bases. Do not apply primer with shimmer on your whole face, because it will make it look oily.


3. Primer minimizes the appearance of pores and provides you with a more youthful appearance.
Large pores are typically found on people with oily skin. This beauty product will effectively mattify shine and minimizes the appearance of pores for a flawless foundation application.


4. Primer is applied after moisturizer and before the foundation.
You should moisturize your skin well and let it absorb the product into the skin. Then you can apply the primer as a base for your makeup look, making your foundation last longer and appear smoother. It will prevent your foundation from creasing in fine lines and sinking into your pores.


5. There are primers for any skin type.
You have to figure out whether you have oily, dry or combination skin. Then, choose a primer that is suited for those needs.

6.Primers come in different colors to modify diverse skin imperfections.
Green-colored primers will help you neutralizes any redness on your skin and it is the perfect choice for you if you have acne. Purple-colored primers will eliminate unwanted yellow undertones in fair skin and will leave your skin tone significantly brighter and glowing. This color is best to combat dark under eye circles. Pink-colored primers add luminosity to every skin tone and make your skin appear healthier. It might take a minute longer to apply another layer every morning as part of your beauty routine, but it’s definitely worth it!



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