How to wake up with perfect hair

Let’s be honest there is certainly no person alive who can wake up and look all flawless.
We all can enjoy a good night sleep, but we all struggle with our hairstyles in the morning.
It takes time for protruding hair to get styled and the attempt to put all that unruly strands in place.
With a little preparation in the evening before bedtime, it is absolutely possible to start the day with
hair that requires minimal time to achieve the perfect hairstyle. Here are our tips:


1.Beach Waves
You don’t need to wash your hair to achieve this look. Simply spray your hair with hairspray or work it with
leave-in conditioner through your hair and blow dry it for a minute.
Muss it up a bit with your fingers and divide your hair it into two sections so you can easily braid it.
When you wake up in the morning, fluff your hair with your fingers to add some volume in your hair and enjoy your new hairstyle. If you want beach waves to last longer, flip your hair upside down and spray the waves with hairspray again.


2. For straight hair
The best way to save straightening iron in the morning is to straighten your hair in the evening.
To keep your hair smooth until the morning, use a hair straightening product. Sleep on a silk pillowcase or simply wrap silk scarf on your pillow. It is important to care for the air in the room. It must have a minimum moisture otherwise you will find some annoying wave in your hair in the morning and you’ll have to use the hair iron anyway.


3.Heatless Overnight Curls
Split your hair into as many sections as you want. The more you make the more curly your hair will get.
Then take the selected hair and twist it into a little bun. Make sure that the bun is as tight as possible because
that is the part that usually gets undone when you sleep if it is not tight enough. Secure the bun with the hair tie.
Use a little bit of hairspray to hold in place. Ready!


Let us know what’s your secret routine for quick and easy morning hairstyle!

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