Travel Beauty Tips Part 1

Have you ever thought about how often, when we are going on a trip, we are putting in our luggage
completely unnecessary things that we don’t even use? We have to admit that we find ourselves pretty often in this situation. We are packing so many clothes and cosmetics, even those
that we never worn or used, but we have decided that this trip will be the perfect occasion to wear that dress with the label on, but somehow it never leaves the suitcase.

We end up with huge luggage, full of cosmetics that we can’t really explain why are in it, but we feel the need to take them anyway. They are making our suitcase so heavy! The truth is that we can actually learn some great tips and tricks on what we absolutely need to take with us, and once we overcame the fear of letting some beauty products on the shelf at home, we were really thrilled! See what beauty essentials you need to pack for your holiday.


1. Make a list of things you will need
Whether this is your first trip ever or you are a travel expert, it’s always helpful to have a checklist of every item you may want to pack so don’t forget them. Bookmark this packing list, and make sure you’ve thought of everything you might want to take with you.


2. Use Dry Shampoo
This is an invaluable product for short or long trips. Dry shampoo act in many directions – helps to extend the time between hair washes and absorbs the excess sebum at the roots. With its help, you can style your hair and even give it the volume that you want.


3. Hair Brush
When looking for the best hair brush for travel, many sources will tell you that a more compact or smaller-sized brush or a brush with a folding handle will be the best choice for you and they are absolutely right! You need a brush that can do it all. Check at your local drugstore for travel sized hairbrush and let all the other brushes that you own at home.


4. Lip Balm
There are some travel beauty essentials that we absolutely need to take with us and lip balm is one of them. Lip balms are the just-right size and will Keep your lips smooth, soft, and well moisturized.


5. Mini toothpaste
Brushing is an important dental care to consider when you’re traveling.
Mini toothpaste is really convenient for traveling and you can Save valuable packing space.


6. Face Wash
Always wash off your makeup to keep your skin clear. You can use liquid wash in miniature or even facial wipes, as you prefer. To save some extra space look for cosmetics starter kits or gift sets that have deluxe sample sizes packages and are really practical for travel.


‘’Me: I’m gonna pack like a normal person this time.
Also me: Pack another shampoo, shower gel, hairspray, nail polish remover, eyeshadows and some of these makeup brushes just in case’’


What are your must-have items for travel? Please share your packing experiences in the comments below!

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