Top 5 Eyelash Glues

Top 5 Eyelash Glues

Every Makeup Lover knows how difficult it may get finding a good Eyelash glue that is not gonna make
you check up on your Lashes every 5 minutes. We decided to make a research to find out which
eyelash glue have the best reviews. So here are the top 5 products you guys like the most!



1. EXTRA STRONG Eyelash Extension Glue Stacy Lash

If you are looking for something more permanent and want your lashes to last up to 7 weeks than this is Extra strong Eyelash Extension Glue by Stacy Lashes is the right choice for you. It dries in only 1-2 seconds, but be careful, because you can only use oil-free makeup removals with it. It is also important to shake well the bottle so all the ingredients can mix well together.


Photo Eyelash-Extension-Glue-Stacy-Lash




2. DUO Strip EyeLash Adhesive for Strip Lashes

This Eyelash glue is marked as Amazon Choice and the customers
have good arguments why. You only need a tiny drop to glue your
falsies and it takes about 30 seconds to dry. You can use it for strip
lashes and also for individual ones. The dark color is gonna help you
to bridge the gap between the fake lashes and your own lash line.


Photo DUO-Strip-EyeLash-Adhesive-Strip-Lashes




3. Cardani LATEX FREE Secure Hold Glue for False Eyelashes

If you are looking for long-lasting, cruelty-free and vegan eyelash glue, that you should try this Cardani Latex-free glue. They have so many satisfied customers with sensitive eyelash lines, who claim that don’t feel any irritation or discomfort at all. Another great thing about this products – it’s brushed applicator, which allows you to apply the glue right where you want it soo easily!


Photo Cardani-Glue-False-Eyelashes




4. KISS I Envy Eyelash Adhesive Super Strong Hold

It’s Brush applicator makes it easy and even more precise to apply adhesive to lash band. This Kiss I Envy Eyelash Glue takes 30 to 60 seconds and doesn’t leave any mess. The Ingredients are ophthalmologist tested, latex free and hypoallergenic.


Photo KISSiEnvy-Eyelash-Adhesive-Super-Strong-Hold




5. Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive

Revlon has done a fabulous job with this makeup product! This glue is really
easy to apply because of it’s wonderful brush stick.
Although when you paint it on your falsies it’s blue colored once applied it turns
black and dries completely clear. Revlon’s Precision Lash Adhesive it’s also
latex free and waterproof. Taking them off is as easy as it’s going because your
lashes just peel off. And if you feel like you need to retouch them during the day,
with their brush you can fill only the edges of your falsies without taking them off.


Photo Revlon-Precision-Lash-Adhesive




Applying False Lashes on a daily basis can be a real struggle if you are not using the right product. Do you also like falsies? What is your favorite eyelash glue? Please share your experience in the comments below!

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