Things we do that damage our hair

We all know that our hair needs care and we have to build a hair care routine
if we want to have beautiful and healthy hair. However, there are some habits that we do unconsciously that can damage our hair. Read this article if you want to know what is keeping you away from having
shiny and smooth hair that catches every eye.


❀You don’t protect your hair from the heat
It doesn’t matter if you are using a blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron you always have to protect your hair first.
Heat styling tools will strip your hair of its natural oils and proteins by breaking down your hair natural hydrogen bonds and keratin proteins. In order to achieve straightness, curliness, sleekness or any hairstyle, that you desire, they will change your hair texture.That is why it is critical to protecting your tresses before applying heat. Try not to style your hair with heat every day.
There are many hair care products designed for use with heat styling tools so make sure you always use one.


❀You are pulling your hair back too tight
We all know the struggle of your hair getting in your face, eyes, mouth and so on and yes it is really annoying.
When you don’t want to deal with your messy hair getting in your way, or you are simply having a bad hair day,
hairband sounds like a really good idea. Ponytails, braids, bun updos and other tight hairstyles may seem like the right and easy choice, but what we often forget is that this way we can damage our hair. When you do any of this hairstyles
consistently over time, the constant tension will damage the follicle and your hair will fall out in that area.
Try to wear your hair loose and be careful when you pull your hair band, because this action may cost you hair breakages.


❀You are over-brushing your hair
One of the most common hairs cares tips is brushing it daily. It is believed that combing your hair several times will keep your hair healthy and shiny. Brushing your hair have really many benefits.
When you comb your hair, you stimulate the scalp and that helps to increase blood flow, bringing more oxygen and nutrients, which nourish the hair roots and promote hair growth. Combing your hair regularly also helps to loosen and remove dead skin. The dead skin could clog the pores of the scalp and block the follicles, which can cause scalp irritation. By removing dead skin from your scalp we can also affect our hair growth. That is why many women over brushing their hair. Adding combing your hair to your beauty routine one to maximum two times a day will help you achieve healthier hair. Brushing it more than that
may lead to hair loss and scalp irritation.


❀You always rinse your hair with hot water
Washing your hair with warm water helps the shampoo and hair conditioner to do their jobs, as like everybody knows the steam from hot water opens up your pores, which is great for exfoliating, removing oil from your skin and removing product build-ups.
In some cases, washing your hair only with warm (not hot!) water may benefit your hair.
So if you are having an oily scalp and oily hair type, rinsing your hair with warm water will not be so damaging and will rinse the dirt away. In any other cases using only hot water will dry out strands, strip hair of natural oils and leave hair rough and lackluster. Rinsing your hair with cold water will close your pores, it also closes the hair cuticle, sealing in moisture from the conditioner that you applied and your hair will definitely look shinier.


❀You are bleaching your hair
Perhaps you are aware of this fact, but we still like to remind you that bleaching or discoloration of your hair
is very harmful. According to dermatologists in this process, chemicals penetrate into the epidermis and removes the pigment of your hair, thus changing the structure of the hair and makes it more vulnerable, thin and weak.
If you have already bleached your hair make sure to take extra care of it and apply nourishing masks at least one per week.


Are you having a healthy and shiny hair? Share your experience in the comment box and find a perfect solution for your situation

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