Secrets of female orgasm and how to achieve it

Unfortunately, not everyone has had the pleasure to reach deep and withering orgasm. There are ladies who do not even have experienced orgasm ever. According to experts reaching climax is something you can and should do for yourself.
In this regard, women should not feel ashamed because it is in their nature. Hormone imbalance, medications such as anti-depressants, partner issues, low testosterone are just part of many physiological factors that can affect a woman’s sexual desire.

If you’re among the ladies who find it difficult to achieve orgasm or expect to
experience something much more thrilling and memorable than what you’ve experienced before, here are some tips for you:


1. Masturbating every day.
Before you expect to experience orgasm during sex with another person, you should know how to touch yourself,
how to experience pleasure and only then you can achieve it with another person.
The benefits of masturbation are many – you will be more sexually independent, your orgasm will be deeper and you will enjoy being the ruler of your own pleasure.


2. Focus on internal stimulation
Masturbation is only the beginning of the process. The key to greater pleasure is inside stimulation with non-vibrating dildos or with your fingers.


3.Go beyond the clitoris
A clitoral orgasm is something great, but the pleasure it can not even be compared with the internal orgasm.
To experience pleasure with your whole body, except the stimulation of the clitoris, you have to go in depth of the vagina.


4.Try to control it
It is through masturbation and stopping just before reaching orgasm when you can feel how to control the condition.
So at some point, you can reach even higher and stronger peak than you ever had.


5.Be in a completely relaxed state
While masturbating or having sex, you should be completely relaxed and not think about other things in order to reach an orgasm.
Close your eyes and enjoy the sensations of your body, let your partner pleasure you and do not worry to guide him and tell him what you like.


Orgasm is letting and deeper orgasms require deep dedication. You must devote the moment whether you have sex with your partner or masturbating.


Having an orgasm is a lovely feeling and you deserve it.
But it’s not easy to do if you’re tired, uptight, stressed or unhappy in your relationship.
So take the pressure off and just relax and enjoy the pleasure your body can reward you.

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