Makeup tips to save dried out mascara

Makeup tips to save dried out mascara


After some use out favorite mascara, this faithful assistant to the beauty of every woman dries out. But there are easy makeup tips that can save it. This does not mean that it expired, but unfortunately, it is difficult or even impossible to use.
If your mascara is not entirely new, it is already causing you some inconvenience – matted eyelashes, dried, crumbles.
Even high-quality cosmetics sometimes dry out, and they become unusable before even the products are used up or expired.
To return it to life use these 3 amazing makeup tips at home.


1. Warm it up

This makeup trick is extremely easy and you do not need anything special for it.
Take a cup of hot water and dip the mascara, make sure it is closed and you watch out not to get any water into the mascara.
Let it soak in for a couple of minutes to warm out the texture and will help break up the clumps and keep the formula feeling fresh.
And you are ready to apply it as new again!


2. Add Micellar Water

For our next makeup trick we will put a few drops of micellar water into the mascara tube.
Mix well the mascara with the solution using the brush, but do it slowly and carefully, because you don’t want to
insert too much air and speed up the process of re-drying of the spiral.

3. Add Makeup Remover

Another amazing trick to restore dried mascara you can simply put a few drops of your makeup remover on the mascara brush. Mix it carefully. To help you get rid of clumps, warm up the tube by rolling it between your palms for a minute.

And because we really like you guys, here is another amazing makeup trick that you can easily use:

4. Add Baby Oil

Add some small drops baby oil into the tube and wiggled the brush inside. You have to be careful again not to pump too much and add in an unnecessary air and watch out not to overdo it. This should work well to make the mascara smoother.


It turned out that we have accumulated a lot of dried out mascaras, so if you think of another method to bring them back to life, please share it in the comments below so we can try it out too!

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