How to protect our hair during the summer

When the weather gets warmer, everyone gets excited about spending more time outdoors.
But summer can bring many hair challenges.Sun exposure during the summer months is not only bad for your skin but also for your hair. If not pay proper attention, your hair will be quickly exhausted and will begin to tear.
During the hot sunny days, our hair suffers the most. In addition to regular drying, straightening, painting and other methods that influence it, its added sun exposure and sea (or chlorinated) water. The result is dry hair with torn edges and dull.

Here are some preventive measures that will protect your hair in summer:

The easiest way to protect your hair using accessory to conceal it.
As hats and scarves are convenient and a good way to protect your hair from pests.
And this summer they are a fashion hit. Just make sure that they will not restrict blood circulation to the scalp.



Hydration: Always use hair conditioner. It will smooth the hair and prevent hair picking up static charges.
In summer, use a special shampoo that is designed to flush salt and chlorine from your hair.


☀Limit the use of hair dryer, curling iron and do not curl, because it further dries your hair.
However, if necessary, use nourishing products.


Help from nature: Do not forget Mother Nature.

Summer is full of fruits and vegetables, which can become great,
nourishing hair masks. Natural oils also are widely used in the fight against damaged hair


Use them at your balm to strengthen its operation or directly on the hair.
The most suitable Coconut, Argan, almond and jojoba oil.


Before going to the beach rub the entire length of your hair with spray against incineration with SPF.
Keep it tied high, or in a bun and try to minimize the contact with salt water.
This way you will not only protect your hair from damage but also save its color, making it longer lasting.


Put your hair up in a loose and comfortable style.

A messy braid or bun is perfect for keeping your hair under control and well covered.
Be careful with the tight hairstyles because they can be damaging to your hair. Tight hairstyles tend to pull and tear hair, especially if your hair is dry from the summer heat.


Prevention: And last but not least. Try to reduce the treatment of hair and reduce the heat.
Avoid flat-irons and give your blow dryer a break, your hair will probably air-dry quickly anyways.



There is nothing more beautiful than healthy hair, so don’t panic if your hair isn’t perfectly arranged, it doesn’t really matter! Do you have any tips how to protect your hair during the hot summer days? Please share them in the comments below!

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