How often do I need to wash my makeup brushes

We are sure that many of you ask yourself this question and you don’t really know the right answer.
After doing some research we have selected some interesting facts for you and we hope that it can help you
maintain your brushes clean.

First, you need to know why is it so important to wash your brushes regularly.
When you apply your makeup on daily basis, it is logical that some of the product stays on your brush and makes
layer after layer. Your foundation, BB Cream, CC cream it doesn’t actually matter which makeup you personally chose to cover up your imperfections, it sticks to bristles after you use it and so it can trap any dirt, oil,
and bacteria. That can cost you breakout, acne, allergies and dirty skin.

The good news is that you need to clean more often only your foundation, concealer and lip brush, the other
powder, blush and eyeshadow brush don’t really have to be clean every week, you can do this every month or so.


There are many ways to clean your makeup brushes, so here are the best ones.

1. Use organic soap and rub your brushes directly onto the bar of soap.
After you are sure there is no dirt left, gently massage the bristles until there is no foundation left.
Once the water is clean and there is no orange color you are done with the foundation removal.
Let the brush dry for a day and you are ready to use it as new again.



2. Brushes Cleaning Tools
As an innovator and leading brand among manufacturers of brushes for makeup in the world, we want to draw attention to the products that SIGMA provides for cleaning and maintenance of their makeup brushes. These are tools specifically designed for that purpose by seven different proprietary textures for simultaneous washing of several types of brushes, such as those for eyes and face. The fixture is designed to provide safe movement and sustainable retention on a flat surface. You should definitely give it a try!



3.Mix 100 ml water with antibacterial soap and a little olive oil or coconut oil.
Gently soak the brushes into the mixture and wash the makeup leftovers stick with them. Olive oil will help to remove the larger accumulations of makeup, but then brushes need to be washed further with antibacterial soap, to remove greasy, and then with warm water to wash away all traces of detergents. Lay your brushes flat on a tower or on a cloth to dry.



We know that it is really annoying having to wash your brushes, but think about how much bacteria is on your face daily.
You surely don’t want to make it worst by taking poor care of your makeup tools.


Keep in mind that when the bristles start to fray, shed, or lose their shape it’s definitely time to replace them with а new one because
it doesn’t matter if they are clean or not you would not be able to use them anymore.


How do you wash your makeup brushes and how often? Let us know in the comments below!

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