Manicure Mistakes

The perfect manicure is not just about getting a great color nail polish on your nails.
There is probably no exaggeration to say that to all of us happened to totally mess up our supposedly impeccable manicure. You are not supposed to be professional manicurists to cope well with
the mission of perfect nails.

There are some mistakes that almost any of us allowed and which fail us to create the perfect manicure.
There are ways to avoid them:


1.Don’t use nail polish remover, which contained acetone
Acetone removers are cheap, of course.
But they have the terrible influence of the state of the nail.
Acetone dehydrates the nails and skin around them. How to clean the elbow correctly?
When choosing nail polish remover, pay attention to those that do not contain acetone and include in its composition vitamins and natural extracts.


2.Use nail polish base
Many girls believe that it doesn’t matter if they are using nail polish base.
Nails released fat, though invisible to the eye. This fat does not allow the lacquer to obtain good adhesion to the nail. This makes the polish perishable. Nail polish base was established specifically for this – to ensure a good bond between the nail polish and the surface on which it is applied.Topcoat polish should not be used as a base. It has a thicker consistency, dries hard and has no power to stop the infiltration of fat from our nail to the lacquer.


3.Apply a second layer of nail polish to your mani
Always apply a second coat of polish if you want to increase the color and making it more solid.
Just make sure that the first layer of your polish has dried out and then apply the second one.
Paint your nails with no more than two layers of colored lacquer. One coat is not enough, but
a third layer does dry slower and it is more easily deleted because it is more prone to delamination.
And that make the chances of messed up mani higher.


4.Don’t use old nail polish
Sometimes it’s hard to part with your favorite shade, but over time elbow thickens and becomes difficult to apply.
The main problem is that even if you manage to paint your nails the old polish does not last as long as a new one.
The basic rule you should follow is to check your nail polish collection once a year and dispose of anything you have not bought in the last 12 months.


5.Don’t take Hot shower after having your nails done
The heat and steam can cause “bubbles” and crack the polish.
It is better to wait at least an hour before entering the bathroom.
And it is best to do your nails after a shower.


6.Don’t do your mani and go to bed
Although we all think elbow dries for about 20-30 minutes, the truth is that it needs 24 hours to dry completely.  This super simple trick will help with drying – two minutes after application of the nail polis when it started to dry, place hands under a stream of very cold water. Allow the water to run on the hands and nails respectively for about 3 minutes. Cold water helps the polish to dry faster. Be careful, however, the water flow should not be too strong and directly hitting your nails, because it may violate the smoothness of the lacquer.


Do you do your own mani at home or do you prefer going to a beauty salon and have it done by professionalist? Please share your preferences in the comments below!

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