How to make your foundation last all day long

We all know how annoying it is to look in the mirror afternoon and find out that your makeup is smudged or almost disappear. We all dream about flawless skin and make so much effort to achieve it and it is really frustrating when our makeup lasts only a couple of hours. Here are some tips to make your foundation last longer:


1.Prepare skin preparation
It should be borne in mind that you should always put your makeup on a well-cleansed skin in order to make
your foundation last longer and not smudge regardless of the weather outside. For this purpose, you need to select the right beauty product to suit your skin type. This will provide the basis for precondition that will stay longer on your face.


Once you cleanse your face properly make sure to give it moisturize it. Apply your daily face cream with SPF in it, because we all know how important it is to protect your skin from the sun. Both UVA and UVB destroy vitamin A in skin and damage collagen fibers and accelerate aging of the skin. After you have applied your moisturizer wait a few minutes to absorb it into your skin.
Oily skin and heavy face creams can make your foundation leak, leaving you with fatty glowing face and uneven tan.


3.Apply Primer
After your face cream has been absorbed into your skin, it is time for the primer. Makeup primer is a base for foundation or face makeup that allows it to go on smoother and last longer. It makes your skin look fresher and make the little wrinkles disappear.
The primer is promising to reduce pore size, oil control and hide any blemishes. Without leaving any greasy residue the primer really does help to keep makeup in place for longer.


4.Apply Foundation
Now that your primer has blur imperfections and have given you a warm glow to your skin, it is time for your favorite foundation. It is important which makeup technique you use when you apply your foundation. Apply a little amount of liquid foundation on your nose, cheeks, and chin. Use a foundation brush and blend it out. Make sure that your tan is even and you don’t have any yellow-orange lines
on your face or your neck is too pale for your foundation shade.


5.Apply concealer
Having foundation as a base will keep your concealer crease-free.
Concealer is every woman secret weapon to hide any skin imperfections such as dark circles, blemishes, pimples, skin redness, it also smoothes fine lines. You can use your fingertip, beauty blender or concealer brush to blend it and cover-up.


6.Apply Powder
Now is time to set your face makeup with a small amount of powder.
There are translucent powders, highlighting powders, loose powder, pressed powder and no matter
which type you personally prefer, it will make your makeup last longer with powder over it.
Just make sure to apply a thin layer using a powder brush or powder sponge. Never put powder under the eyes, as it strengthens fine lines making them more visible.


Bonus Tip:
You can use makeup setting spray. A good setting spray will help keep your makeup in place for a longer amount of time.
It claims to prevent your makeup from fading, creasing, rubbing or wearing away. So give it a try.


Let us know if you have tried our tips on how to make your foundation last longer. Do you have any secrets how to achieve this beauty goal? Leave a comment below!

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