How to improve the condition of your nails

Everyone has their little secrets for beautiful appearance, an important part of that, of course, are the nails. Healthy nails and beautiful manicure will always help you highlight the beauty of your hands, so you should try to keep your nails always in good condition with the help of these tips for beautiful nails. Healthy nails reflect the healthy body. If your nails are natural luster, strong and without edges or other defects, it is a sign that your diet provides the nutrients needed to keep your nails in optimal shape.
We collected some practical suggestions for a nice manicure that will be beneficial to any woman who is unable to regularly visit a manicurist.

1. Avoid nail polish with acetone
Your nail polish remover should not contain acetone because it strongly dries the nail plates.
Аcetone harm not only our nails but also cuticles. Next time you have to buy a new nail polish just pay attention to the label and you will find super easily an acetone-free one.

2. Dip your fingers in cold water
If you don’t have the time to wait until your nails are completely dry, dip your lacquered nails in a bowl of cold water or simply slipped them under running cold water. If you have not tried this trick yet, you will definitely be amazed at the effect. It really works!

3. Hold your hands over stream
Next time when you are cooking pasta or preparing a soup, or anything steamy, you can make yourself gorgeous matte nails. Place two layers of nail base or white, not jet dried nail polish and move your hands low on the steam. This is a great way to give your nails a matting effect and it’s so easy to do.

4. Remove the glitter
If you love glitter nail, you know for sure how difficult and annoying it is to remove it. We can say that removing it is a mission impossible. Well, you already have a solution for this – to remove glitter from your nails, use a piece of cloth instead of a cotton swab. You will be surprised how easy it will remove the glitter.

5. Massage your nails
To be more healthy and shiny, massage your hands from the wrist to fingers paying special attention to the end of the fingers. This increases blood flow to the nail, which stimulates their growth.

6. Wash your hands with lukewarm water
Try to wash your hand with lukewarm water. The cold water may lead to skin cracking and it also may start to peel. From the hot water, the skin may get dehydrated, dried and may also become rough.

7. Use olive oil or coconut oil
Coconut oil or olive oil is the best way to treat and take care of weak and brittle nails. Thanks to its saturated fat, it acts as a good moisturizer. To improve the condition of your nails, apply a small amount of it into the nail plate and gently massage it until it absorbs it.

Have you tried any of those beauty tips before? Share your nails beauty routine in the comments below and let us know how you maintain the healthy appearance of your nails.

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