How do I do an eyeliner flick?

We are sure that many women every day ask themselves this beauty-related question. We all desire to look our best and having expressive eyes is definitely one of the most irresistible appearances we can easily create at home.
Beautifully made up eyes are associated with mascara, but the trick that really makes our eye pop and appears bigger lies in the small detail and makeup techniques we can achieve using eyeliner and eyeshadows. It does not matter if you are going to use liquid eyeliner, eyeliner pen or eye gel with an angled brush. This step is really up to you! Keep reading and learn these simple tricks in order to make your eyes look bigger and lashes even longer!

Once you have prepared your face for the makeup application, which means that you have already cleaned your beautiful face, you have applied face cream with SPF in it, you have primer on and of course the last step is even out your tan using BB Cream, CC Cream, foundation or powder – anything that works best for you.

It does not matter if your brows are filled in yet, you can do it before or after that. What important is that you have not applied your mascara yet. Take your liquid eyeliner or your eye gel, using an angled makeup brush or eyeliner brush.

Don’t close the eye you want to start on with. Take the eyeliner brush closer to your eyelid. Follow the natural line of your upper lashes as you want to hide the line behind them.

Once you have created that flick move on to the lid. You can draw cat eyes from the middle of your eyelid or make the eyeliner line on your whole eyelid as you wish. Then fill in the line you started. This way you will create the illusion that your lashes are longer which will make your eyes immediately appear bigger and sexier. You will definitely notice the difference that simple trick makes on your whole appearance.

Another trick you can apply in order to make your eyeliner last long and does not get blurry is also super easy. Take your black eyeshadow and using your angled makeup brush cover the eyeliner flick you just created. Make sure to remove the excess eyeshadow from the brush by simply tapping the brush before you apply the product.

There is one more trick you can use if you want to be sure that your eyeliner is really settled. Take the powder sponge and gently cover the skin beneath the eyeliner. If you have oily skin this step is actually recommended because the powder will cover the sebum excess and will leave your skin dry and will protect your makeup from smudging.

Then is time to continue with your makeup routine and apply your mascara, brush and so on.

We really hope that you have found these tips helpful! Do you struggle to apply your eyeliner flick? Have you already tried this amazing makeup tips? What is your secret to creating the perfect eyeliner flick?

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