Why do we regain weight

Have you ever experienced losing weight and regaining a few kilos in the coming days? It’s not fair, isn’t it?
We follow a strict diet for looong time just to reach our desired weight, only to regain it in a couple of days.
We are trying to slim down, but once we are done with our diet, we forget about it and catch ourselves eating like crazy again.
Why does it happen so often to regain weight after your diet? Are you doing something wrong? Today we will explain what are the most common causes of weight gain after dieting.


-The best way to maintain your weight after a diet is to exercise
To maintain your weight loss, physical activity should be part of your daily routine.
Your body doesn’t burn as many calories than it did when you were heavier – so exercise plays an important role in helping to burn calories and keep your body from regaining the lost weight. So once you’ve lost weight you have to stay active and let the exercises become part of your lifestyle.


-Slowly increase food intake
The amount of food and calories should be increased evenly in small steps, with about 100 calories a week.
Only then your body will get used to the increased amount of energy from food and thus will be able to turn your diet
in lifestyle and will help you keep your goal weight. Make sure to read the food labels to be sure you are not
adding too many calories at once and keep weighing yourself everyday.


-Be careful with alcohol
Not only fast food and sweets make you gain weight. All kinds of drinks, all meals and salads, combined with alcohol and sugary fruit juices are real calorie bombs. If consumed regularly, even in small amounts, they will make it difficult for you to maintain your goal weight. One of the most important things is that alcohol retain water in the body and thus has a negative impact on your figure. And it is not recommended if you have already decided to lead an active lifestyle.


-Drink a cup of green tea daily
Green tea is definitely one of the healthiest beverage on the planet.
It increases body temperature so you burn more calories and it also prevents the accumulation of body fat.
Green tea extract, which is rich in polyphenols and catechins is found to be useful for obesity management
since it stimulates fat oxidation. This magical drink has so many health benefits, so you would not make a mistake
by adding it to your daily nutrition.


Keep tempting foods that trigger you to overeat out of the house.
Have you ever notice that exactly when you try to lose weight the temptation is everywhere?
Do we overcome with the desire to devour a cheeseburger, chocolate bar or pizza?
Your food environment is made up of all the influences on your food choices and your eating behaviors.
If you get a sudden craving for a sandwich, or a soda, or candy try to eat some baby carrots, protein bar, salad,
yogurt, or a piece of fruit. So make sure there aren’t any candies and keep tempting foods out of sight.


-The most important part is to stay dedicated to the healthy lifestyle
So you did it! You are done with your diet and your body looks amazing and healthier so why do you want to stop here?
The essential part of keeping your weight loss is to make new eating habits to help you stay slim and healthy.
You have to have a clear vision what you want to accomplish and the exact reason why you are making changes in your lifestyle and eating habits.


Try to build new healthy habits and keep track of your calories. You will love the way you will feel and look and that will
help you to stay motivated.


Do you struggle with regaining weight after you stop dieting? Share your experience in the comments below and find other people fighting the same battle as you!

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