How to find the perfect lipstick

Lips are one of the most attractive parts of the face.
Therefore it is very important how you will emphasize them.
Discovering the perfect lipstick is sometimes a matter of luck unless you know what to watch when you select it.
The color of our lipstick should comply with our skin tone and the color of our lips.
The skills you have for proper applying of the lipstick may become redundant if you do not use the right shade.
The appropriate color is important for your overall appearance.
Today we will give you some tips on how to choose the perfect lipstick for you.


1.Suitable colors for women with light skin
The bright colors of pink and orange work well for women with fair skin and light hair.
These ladies can also choose peach or beige.
Type of women with light skin and dark hair are suitable for a lipstick with dark pink or caramel shades.


2.Lipstick for women with darker skin
For them, the perfect lipsticks are those with color plum or red wine.
If you have a beautiful olive skin can safely experiment with some red and light brown tones.
Beware of bright red and pink lipstick. Choose more intermediate and matt colors.
If you have very dark, olive skin, especially for you are created the lipsticks with blackberry,
caramel, and purple tones.



3.Match your lipstick with your eye makeup
When you go for brave smokey eyes, you have to be very careful with the lipstick color selection.
If you accent on your eyes, then it will be better if you choose more nude and neutral color for the lips.
The color of the lip liner should be in the same shade as your lipstick or maybe just a bit darker than the lipstick.
Allow your lips to be “sealed” with a pencil for a more lasting color.


4.Match your lipstick with your outfit
If you’re going to match your lips with your outfit don’t over do it. That means no matching nail polish,
eyeshadows or more makeup in the same color.
Keeping it simple will make your lips pop.


Did you find your perfect lipstick color already? What are the brand and the shade of your favorite lipstick?
Please share with us in the comments below!

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