Eyeliner Mistakes We All Make

One of the trickiest parts of our makeup routine is definitely applying eyeliner.
With eyeliner, you can make really highlight your eyes, but if you apply it incorrectly you can end up with messy lines and attract the wrong attention. Even the most talented makeup artist can make a mistake with the eyeliner, eye pencil and so on. Here are the most common mistakes we all make when we try to create those sexy cat eyes and tips how to avoid them.


1.Your eyeliner pencil should always be well sharpened
For sharp winged line, you most certainly need a sharpened eyeliner pencil.
Using an eyeliner pencil sharpener is not only important for your perfect look but also sheds away all the part of the pencil that contains the bacteria. If you are having this eternal problem with your eyeliner pencils- the tip breaks and breaks every time
you try to sharpen it, put it in the refrigerator or freezer to help it harden to minimize waste.


2.Too much eyeliner on the bottom eyelid
Do not overdo it with the pencil on the lower eyelid, as the thick line, especially if it is dark, can make your eyes look smaller. It is also quite likely to blur very quickly and mess up your whole appearance.
If you still want to emphasize the lower eyelid, use a light pencil or even better – light brown or light bronze.


3.Wrong applying technique
Watch out for the right line. It is terribly annoying to have to rub the eyelid again and again,
and so on until you can do both eyes looking the same. To draw the line properly,  the basic rule is to avoid pulling the outer edge of the eyelid. This technique can only wrinkle your extremely delicate and sensitive skin and the line will look slightly jagged. Stand with your chin up and look down – so your eyelids are slightly closed, but you’ll still see enough to apply eyeliner.


4.Put on mascara first.
You have to start applying your eyeliner first. You risk to seriously mess up your mascara if you do it otherwise and
because you won’t be able to get any closer to your lashline. Also if you make a mistake with your eyeliner you can easily notice it and fix it. Applying liquid eyeliner or eye pencil after your mascara can tend to displace your lashes and cause clumps.


5.Not fixing your eyeliner
Not fixing your eyeliner properly can make it smudges too easily. Try using an eyeliner that is either waterproof or long-lasting.
It doesn’t matter if you’re using a gel, a pencil, or liquid eyeliner you should set it with powder or concealer.
Apply concealer or liquid foundation on your eyelid before drawing your eyeliner line. Try to find an eyeshadow that is the same color as your liner. With the use of a very thin brush apply the eyeshadow over the liner, that you have just created! This long-lasting effect works every time.


Do you have any tips for perfect eyeliner application? Please share your experience with us in the comments below!

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