Easy Ways to Prevent Acne

What causes the typical redness and swelling buds is the bacteria that normally live on the skin.
Using some medication, such as drugs for epilepsy, contraceptives and corticosteroids can affect your acne and make it appear even worse.

In some cases, acne is a symptom of polycystic ovary syndrome, hormonal disorders, which can also cause irregular menstruation, overweight, excessive hair growth, and infertility.
There is none yet straightforward method that can remove pimples and acne from our face for good, but there are some steps you
can follow to prevent their recurrence.


1. Keep your face clean
Whether you suffer from acne or not it is essential to wash your face twice daily.
This will remove accumulated dirt, dead cells and excess sebum from your face.
You don’t need to wash your face more than twice a day.
Wash your face with any product you prefer.


2. Moisturize your skin
Many products, which claim to eliminate acne, dry the skin significantly.
So if you use such products you need to apply to your face moisturizer after their use.


3. Choose makeup suitable for people prone to developing acne
Makeup you use strongly influence the condition of your skin.
If your skin is prone to acne, use products that are designed specifically for sensitive skin and do not cause clogging of the pores.


4. Change your pillowcase every week
You don’t need to have expensive face cream to prevent acne.
Even small steps like changing the pillowcase every week can help to solve the problem.
Exactly the cover accumulate much sweat, the makeup that you used and this can irritate the skin on your face and lead to adverse buds.


5. Keep your hands away from your face!
That’s a really important step, that we all know, but somehow forget and refuse to leave our face alone.
We are unconsciously touching our face a hundred times every day.
Avoid touching your face without reason, because this way you can bring a variety of bacteria and irritate the skin.
Try not to squeeze pimples on your face with your fingers because this can further infect the skin.


6. Avoid excessive sun exposure
Moderate sun exposure is good for people with acne and can help improve their condition,
but excessive exposure is harmful. If you plan to spend the weekend on the beach stack up with the necessary creams for protection from the sun and moisturizing cream.


7. Sport
Regular exercise will not only help you to keep yourself fit but will also reduce the episodes of acne.
In sports accelerates blood circulation and thus improves blood flow to the skin, which will help its healthy and good form. During the workout remember to drink more fluids to prevent dehydration.


DID YOU KNOW … The color of blackheads in acne comes not from the pollution and the interaction of oxygen with sebum clogged sebaceous gland.


Dealing with acne is definitely a hard battle. The correct approach is to stay positive and focus on solving the problem. Do you know any tips on how to prevent acne? Share it in the comments below.

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