How to create fuller lips

We all dream about having those fluffy Angelina Jolie lips. The proof is that the whole internet had gone crazy with
Kylie Jenner’s lip look. Unfortunately we are not all so lucky to be born with big lips, but fortunately, there are many beauty tips and tricks on how to create them ourselves.


Follow these simple steps and create bigger and fuller lips without surgery or injections.
With a bit of makeup magic, you will create that gorgeous lip line and your lips will look juicier and poutier than ever.


Start with applying your favorite lip balm or any moisturizer you want and let it sink for a while.
Wipe some of the product off if you need to. You don’t want your lips to be too glossy because you wouldn’t be able to draw them and design the perfect shape.


If you are going to wear a darker shade of lipstick, make sure to exfoliate your lips first.


To be able to create almost any form you want, you have to conceal your lips. When your skin is flawless after the
foundation and your whole face makeup is ready, dab a slightly lighter concealer, foundation, nude lip liner or lip eraser
as you prefer around your lips. You can use a makeup brush, beauty blender or simply apply it with your fingers if you wish.


After the outer corner of your lips is covered you will be able to draw them in another form. Only focus on the edge of
your lips and the area that need to be drawn on, don’t blend the product onto your entire lips, in order to avoid hard lines
under the lipstick.


Then choose the right lip form for your face shape and simply draw it. You can go slightly above your natural line, but please don’t go crazy, because you may end up looking like a clown. Avoid unwanted build-up around your lips.


Use contouring pencil in the same color as your lips, or in the color of your lipstick. If you like apply some highlighter to your Cupid’s bow to make your upper lip pop and appear fuller.


After your lip lines are defined add three lines with your lip pencil on your down lip so it looks bigger.


Then fill in with your lipstick. Go for colors that are slightly brighter than your natural lip color. Vibrant colors like peaches, corals, pink and soft red are all fantastic and will give your complexion a radiant lift. Make sure to stay on the lip lines you just created.


Then add your favorite lip gloss, the shinier the better. Dab some shimmery highlighter to the center of your lips to create the illusion of fullness and make sure to blend it in.


And there you go, you now have those beautiful big lips you always wanted and you made it yourself!

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