Best Drugstore Palettes

You don’t always have to spend a lot of money for your makeup stash. There are plenty drugstore eyeshadow palettes that are just as awesome as the big brand’s palettes.
Whether you’re in a matte shades lover, or you are glitter junkie, the drugstore’s palettes have so much to offer. Makeup Artists themselves are also using drugstore makeup and the beauty look they are creating is just absolutely flawless as always.
Be sure that some of the best eyeshadow palettes can be found at your local drugstore. We have selected 5 epic makeup palettes we are obsessed with!

As with most eyeshadows, it helps to use an eyelid primer to bring out the best colors in the shadow and make them last all day.

#1. Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palette 
If you are not into dark eyeshadow and are looking for more neutral or natural looking shades, this palette is the right pick for you. Maybelline Rose Gold Palette is known to be the  Urban Decay Naked 3 Dupe.
This eyeshadow palette is offering more pink-toned neutrals in 12 beautiful and glamorous shades.
There is only one matte shadow and all of the others are very pigmented, glittery and sparkly.
On the back of the palette, you will find a little map with techniques on how to use and combine the different shades.
We have to say that the 2 applicator brushes that come with the Maybelline’s palette are not very practical.
So be prepared with your own eyeshadow brushes.
You can find the palette at your local drugstore or purchase it online for $9.99

#2. NYC New York Color Lovatics By Demi Eye Shadow Kit
Demi Lovato has collaborated with NYC cosmetics and the result is amazing!
On the back of the palette, you can see all the shades and how to compare them in order to achieve different looks. The NYC Lovatics are offering12 beautifully neutral shades to highlight your eyes. This palette certainly does look similar to the original Urban Decay Naked Palette! All the shades are incredibly creamy and blendable shadows that are super pigmented.
There are 4 matte shades and 8 shimmery. The shades are ranging from more softer nude to more darker tones and that is the best thing because you can create a lot of different looks, starting from everyday go-to makeup to gorgeous smokey eyes look. We would never have expected such decent eyeshadow at this price! NYC New York Color Lovatics By Demi Eye Shadow Kit is available for only $4.99


#3.Milani Everyday Eyes Palettes
This palette is available in 6 collections-01 Must-Have Naturals
02 Bare Necessities, 03 Smoky Essentials, 04 Plum Basics, 05 Earthy Elements, 06 Vital Brights. All the six shades from the palette are richly pigmented and they are all absolutely amazing!!!
Each Everyday Eyes Powder Eyeshadow Collection comes with a step-by-step guide for professional-looking results.
We are obsessed with Bare Necessities! On the back of each palette, you can find a mini tutorial on how to mix the colors and it is really great for beginners. There is also an eyeshadow brush included in the package and you can own this beauty for $9.99!


#4.Covergirl Tru naked rose
This palette exceeds what you would normally expect from drugstore eyeshadows.
It contains both shimmer and matte shadows in 8 different shades – a matte nude pink, a shimmery medium metallic gold, a shimmery metallic pale gold, a matte ivory, a shimmery dark burgundy, a shimmery dark brown, a shimmery medium mauve, and a shimmery pale nude mauve.
All the colors are so pretty, smooth, and pigmented! These shades are great and you can blend them really well using the brush from the package. You can have this beauty for $9.98

#5. e.l.f. Mad for Matte palette
Matte shades are often not that pigmented, but this is not the case with this eyeshadow palette!
The package is very slick and travel-friendly and you can take it with you anytime you want and most importantly it does have a mirror. The colors from this eyeshadow palette are not only super pigmented, but they also last for a really long time. These perfectly curated 10 matte eyeshadow shades are ideal for shading, highlighting, and defining the eyes.Elf Mad for Matte palette is a nice mix of warm and cool tones, going from lighter to darker shades. If you want to give this baby a try, you can find it at any drugstore or you can buy it online for $9.99

Bonus Tip: As with most eyeshadows, regardless of its price, it helps to use an eyelid primer to bring out the best colors in the shadow and make them last all day.



Do you own any of these eyeshadow palettes? Which one Is your favorite? Please share your experience in the comment below!

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