Which ARE the basic MAKEUP rules EVERY WOMAN SHOULD know



All women use makeup at least occasionally. But what tips and tricks give the best possible results?
Here’s how to make sure that you use all kinds of makeup the right way:

1. Use quality mascara.

One of the main reasons the mascara shingles on your face is that it’s old and dry. Always close it very well to make it last longer. It’s also really important how you apply the mascara. Most people apply it in one direction- from the base of the lashes to the top. Next time however try to alternate once so that the next layer is from the top to the base and finish it from the base to the tip of the lashes.  You will immediately find a difference in the appearance of your lashes, making it bigger and longer and creating fuller lashes.

2. Clean your makeup tools regularly.

Cleaning your makeup brushes may not seem like the most glamorous of tasks, and it takes a lot of time first to clean the brushes and then to let them completely dry,  but it’s something that should always be a part of your regular beauty routine. It will keep the bacteria off your face.  Skipping it can lead to clogged pores and breakouts, eczema and other skin diseases.


3. Use peach colored pencil 

A white pencil is often recommended for highlighting eyes and making them look bigger, but in fact, if you try a pencil in a peach color you will be much more satisfied. The result with white pencil appear somehow more visibly noticeable and awkward but using the peach color pencil will make your eyes to look brighter and most importantly natural.


4. Always make sure your tan is even out.

One of the worst beauty sins that you can make is leaving a visible foundation line at the jaw and not blending in. That makes your face looks orange and separated from the rest of your body. You really don’t want it that. So apply a little bit of foundation, powder or concealer on your neck just to be sure there is not a visible line and your tan looks even.


5. Fix your face shape.

We all heard about this amazing makeup technique called contouring. This is simply makeup art. You can play with colors and shadows, to highlight your cheekbones and make them look higher if you wish. Or sculpt your nose to look like you have surgery done and make it slimmer. Why not also reshape your entire chin and face form? Contouring helps you define your features and create the appearance you want.

Let us know in the comments below what are your makeup basics!

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