We ask 100 women what beauty products do they have in their purses

Immerse yourself in a world of the female bag, the place that men call ‘’black hole’’ because it holds infinite essentials. Indeed, sometimes the female accessory is like a bottomless pit that can accommodate everything. You will rarely hear a woman saying that there is no place for something in her purse. The purse comes everywhere with you and holds everything you might need during the day. We ask a hundred women what is the absolute necessary beauty products they have in their purses and selected the top 5 answers.

Most of the women answered with Lipstick
Even if you’re not a makeup fan, at least one classic lipstick shade should hang somewhere in your bag.
You can always find yourself in a situation where you want to look more beautiful or simply
want to fresh up your look. With lipstick, you can not only enhance the color of your lips,
but you can also use it for blush, as it well blurs into the cheekbones. So definitely a must have.


2. Mirror
The second most common answer was mirror
It is true that we can find mirrors in the toilets in bars, in cars and in the apartments,
but you never know where you will end up exactly and in what time you will need it.


3. Hand cream
Colder weather is upon us whether you’re ready for it or not and that means we need to prepare and protect our skin.
It’s good to keep hand creams in your purse for when you need to add some moisture throughout the day.


4. Hand sanitizer
Whenever you’re in the grocery store and pick up your cart that has been used many times and never cleaned,
think that you have picked up millions of microbes from it.
The same applies to all surfaces for public use – handles and seats in public transport buttons on
ATMs and elevators, money and so on.
It is definitely a good idea to keep a hand sanitizer in your purse especially during influenza epidemics.


5. Eyebrow pencil
Eyebrow pencil is a cosmetic product that quickly disappears or smudged.
So you should always be prepared to give your eyebrows the perfect look in the right shape and color.


6. Concealer and/or powder
It always remains a skin imperfection that appears behind the foundation and must be quickly hidden.
Stick Concealer can do the job flawlessly. The powder can set your foundation and even out your skin tone throughout the day.
Do not underestimate and neglect them, they are powerful beauty weapon.


7. Oil-absorbing sheets
If you have oily skin you simply need to try those oil-absorbing sheets.
Whenever you feel your skin is oily these sheets are the perfect solution.
They will absorb the excess oil, leaving your makeup exactly how it was and your face will no longer look shiny.


8. Antiperspirant/deodorant
These two products are definitely a lifesaver during long and busy days.
After all, nobody wants to smell of body odor or walk into work with huge wet armpit stains on their dress shirt.
If you need to fresh up, you have to care this beauty product with you.


9. Perfume
Almost every woman carries her favorite fragrance in her purse.
If you don’t want to carry your whole perfume bottle with you, you can ask for small perfume samples.


10. Tweezers
Tweezers – this piece of iron is vital for every woman! Whether you want to tear an unattractive hair, need to remove a thorn or you will need to demonstrate a precise accuracy of something.


What is the beauty product, which you always carry with you in your purse? Share with us in the comments below!

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