6 Mistakes you are making in your foundation routine

The flawless foundation is an essential part of your whole appearance and it will combine perfectly other elements of your makeup.
But even the most experienced makeup lover can make a mistake. Say goodbye to stains and bumps with our practical advice
how to avoid the sixth most common mistakes we make when we apply our foundation.


1. You don’t prepare your skin
If you want to have a flawless skin you have to make the effort and constancy to take proper care of your skin.
Foundation can hide a lot of our imperfections, but keeping up your beauty routine is an absolute must for clear skin. So make sure to exfoliate and clean your skin regularly, apply homemade masks or bought ones, stay well hydrated and try to eat more vegetables.


2. You don’t moisturizer or primer before applying your foundation
You can go with good old face cream or you can apply primer as a basis for your make up. It’s up to you, but make sure that you are applying at least one of those products because otherwise, you are risking to clog your pores and causing a breakout. Using moisturizer and/or primer before your foundation is one of the biggest keys to getting a smooth, long-lasting finish for your makeup overall.
Make sure that your skin is well protected from the sun with minimum SPF 20.


3. You have picked the wrong foundation shade for your skin tone
Picking up the right color, which suits your skin tone in the best way, is definitely one of the hardest makeup tasks and dream goal to all the women all there and no it is not just you. Read our article how to choose the perfect foundation shade for your skin.


4. You are applying too much foundation
We know how tempting it may be to use more product in order to hide acne or breakout, but that may only make your skin look worst. One layer of foundation will do the job just perfectly and if you need extra coverage, apply concealer and antibacterial powder to the affected areas.


5. You don’t blend in
Walking around with foundation lines or having a yellow-orange face and pale neck is definitely one of the most common makeup sins. Be sure to blend in from your jawline down to your neck using a beauty blender or foundation brush.
You can avoid this common mistake by simply checking up your makeup on daylight after you are done with it.
This way you can inspect any imperfection you have to make with your makeup.


6. You forget about setting your makeup
The best way to settle your makeup is by using makeup setting spray or translucent powder.
Both products work for every single skin tone, it will also prevent messing up your makeup application and they will make your skin and makeup look flawless for a longer time.


What’s your secret to flawless foundation application? Please share it with us in the comments below!

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