5 Common Makeup Mistakes

Makeup is an integral part of the daily life of every self-respecting woman.
Sometimes, however, in an effort to look perfect we can make some common mistakes that lead us to the opposite effect.
Here are the top 5 mistakes women make, when applying their makeup


1.You don’t prepare your skin for the makeup
Moisturizing is a very important and basic step in prepping your skin for makeup, but somehow we
often skip it. Hydrating the skin can help you achieve a softer and smoother application of your makeup by plumping up the surface of the skin. After applying your moisturizer give it some time to sink into the skin.


2.Choosing the wrong foundation shade
There may be no more obvious makeup mistake than the wrong color foundation.
Always try to choose as close to the color of your face color.
If you can not find the suitable color to match your skin tone mix several colors.
One of the worst solutions is to use a lighter or whitish foundation for darker skin, or vice versa.
The foundation that disappears into your skin is the right color.


3.Uneven eyeliner
Eyeliner is definitely one of the trickiest makeup products ever.
Like our eyebrows, our eye shapes aren’t usually symmetrical and by creating an uneven eyeliner line you can make it
more obvious. So just try your best to apply an even eyeliner line and don’t get upset if you
are not able to achieve the look you want quickly. Eyeliner line is tricky also for the makeup artists, so take
your time and master it, because uneven wings are a true disaster.

4.Applying to much blush
Rouge is the quickest way to brighten up the face and make your whole appearance healthier.
Blush adds charm and beauty to the face. A common mistake is that women layered too much rouge on their cheeks.
Observe the following principle – as lighter your skin is, the lighter blush shade you need to pick.

5.Applying lipstick on dry lips

Matte lips can look incredibly beautiful and elegant, but you have to know how to take care of them. Don’t forget to exfoliate them with a gentle lip scrub.Exfoliating your lips can be a great solution to get rid of peeling the skin and make
your lips look smooth and soft. You can try this sweet combo for gorgeous lips- Mix 1 tablespoon brown sugar
with about 4 to 5 drops of vanilla extract and please try not to eat it! We know it’s hard and nearly impossible,
so just be strong!


What are the most common beauty and makeup mistakes you have experience and notice?
Please share them with us in the comments below!

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