6 Things That Make Your Acne Flare Up

98% of the teenagers are asking the same question: “Why do I have these pimples?”. But acne is common skin problem not only for teens but sadly among the adults too.

The increased production of the hormone testosterone during puberty plays an important role in the occurrence of acne.
Testosterone causes the follicles to produce more oil, or sebum, than normal.
Sebum is produced by sebaceous glands and it is oily and sticky substance.

The excess sebum can clog the pores causing oily skin, acne, and odors.
Often, however, we are faced with hormonal imbalances during our monthly cycle, when we stop the contraceptives or during pregnancy.


What is Acne?
Acne is a skin disease, which clogs the openings of sebaceous glands and forms black dots,
also known as comedones. It eventually may get redness and pimples with pus peaks.
This can develop into severe inflammation, which can have far-reaching consequences for acne sufferers.

We will focus on those six things that may cost your acne to flare up so you definitely have to try to avoid them.

1.Poor hygiene
Fact. Insufficient and irregular skin care is a prerequisite for acne.
If you are having acne and feel too tired in the evening to clear your face and follow your beauty routine, may cause your acne to flare up. Good hygiene is really important and you have to be persistent in order to achieve that clear and smooth skin that you deserve.

2.You exfoliate more than a few times a week
Exfoliating your face too often can burst whiteheads, causing the bacteria to spread around your face. The biggest mistake you can make with washing your face is overdoing it because this will speed up the sebum production, which can fire up your acne and lead to the appearance of even more pimples.

3. Constantly touching your face
Keep in mind that every time you touch your face, your fingertips can transfer
allergens, viruses and different kinds of bacteria onto the skin.
Our fingertips contained so many impurities, dirt, and oil, which can cause more breakouts.
If your goal is a flawless skin you have to break this horrible habit and keep your hands off your face.

4.Picking at your pimples
You can make the inflammation worse by squeezing your pimples.
When you pop a pimple, you are actually tearing at the skin, leaving it open to bacteria, which can lead to an infection.
You can also damage the skin around it, which might leave scars behind or coast a skin discoloration.

5. Smoking
Smoking is known to affect the skin in a variety of ways.
It not only provokes the appearance of acne but also might make the condition of your acne even worst.
Although some doctors disagree about whether smoking causes acne or not, there is evidence to suggest that it does. Researchers at the Institute of Dermatology in Rome have concluded that smokers have more cases of inflammatory acne than non-smokers. They also found that smokers who had acne in their teens are four times more likely to have adult acne, than non-smokers who also had acne in their younger years.
Smoking can lead to decreased blood flow. This can keep the skin from getting enough oxygen, vitamin A, and other nutrients.

6.Too much makeup
When you have acne, the most wanted thing to do is to cover it up with makeup and making it magically disappear.
Using foundation, concealer, powder and so on, to hide the blemishes definitely improves your self-esteem and makes you feel better about your appearance. However, you should be careful when you pick your makeup.
Cosmetics that are oil-based, and heavy makeup, suffocate the skin and allow bacteria to penetrate deeper into it.
Check the ingredients of your makeup and make sure it is water-based.
Use makeup designed for acne-prone skin, which is non-comedogenic and non-irritating.


Are you suffering from this skin condition?
How do you fight your acne battle? Share your experience in the comments below and connect with other people, which are having the same skin problem.

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